The Author – cont.2

Among his first efforts at writing was an article he sent to Forest and Stream magazine in 1885. Its editor, George Bird Grinnell, was so impressed with Schultz’s descriptions of the West that he hired Schultz to guide him on a hunt for a Rocky Mountain bighorn ram in the Glacier area. (Grinnell and Schultz are credited with naming many of the region’s lakes, rivers, mountains and glaciers during that trip and others.)

It was the beginning of a friendship that continued for as long as they lived. It also inspired Grinnell’s successful campaign to preserve the area’s scenery and wildlife, and resulted in him becoming known as the “Father of Glacier National Park” when it was created in 1910.

Grinnell is also credited with encouraging Schultz to write articles about his experiences among the Blackfeet, and publishing them in Forest and Stream for more than fifteen years.

The manuscript for Schultz’s first (and arguably his best) book, “My Life As An Indian,” was written while he lived on the Pima Indian Reservation in Arizona and helped in the excavation of Casa Grande in 1905-07. It was completed while he was visiting Greer and published in 1907.