The Lodge – cont.


Two years later, in 1992, the deed to the lodge and approximately two acres surrounding it was obtained through a Forest Service land exchange by James Willard Schultz-Lone Wolf Museum, Inc., a newly formed tax-exempt charitable corporation with eleven concerned Greer residents on its board of directors. Over the years that followed, the corporation and dozens of volunteers restored the lodge and built facilities to accommodate the hundreds of visitors who now tour the site’s museum and gift shop every year. Its latest addition is the Sam and Karen Applewhite Pavilion, dedicated just a few weeks after the 2011 Wallow Fire. The pavilion provides an outdoor covered stage for the museum’s educational and entertainment programs as well as its annual fund-raising barbecue.

James Willard Schultz’s Butterfly Lodge has stood its ground for nearly a century. With widespread support and thoughtful preservation, it will continue to be a living memorial to the life and times of two remarkable men.